provide novel solutions of aerial, water surface & ground surveying. Recently, Drone comes with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain and eyes. Drone images become more valuable with Data Science Technology. It is now possible to discover insight information from Drone images. Our experts build particular solutions: Precision Farming, Environmental Monitoring, Disaster Management, Smart City.

  • "Dev" is a development of novel technique.
  • "Drone" is a small & efficient robot to collect Data.
  • "Mapper" is an expert team who builds intelligence maps.

All together creates the new term named "Dev Drone Mapper".


Team members were a research group
of Faculty of Geo-Informatics, Burapha University., THAILAND.
we have 4 permanent staffs and 10+ graduated students as temporary staffs.


Narut Soontranon, PhD

Narut is co-founder of DevDroneMapper, who has passionate about data and image analytics. He is currently responsible in several Data Science and Computer Vision projects. He was a researcher at GISTDA who involved in Precision Farming, Disaster Management, Field/Drone Data Processing. In 2010-2013, he was a PhD student at IGN (French Mapping Agency), especially focused on "3D model using modern photogrammetry".

Biz-Develop Manager

Watcharaporn Thammachoth

Watcharaporn graduated with her Bachelor's degree Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies from Mahidol University and Sci Master's Degree Faculty of Science.

Burapha University. She has a passion for Drone or small Unmanned Aerial System: sUAS (geo-drone) technology to drone services provider. Watcharaporn joined DevDroneMapper team in 2018 as the Development Biz. she has put her goal-oriented and strategic thinking in motion as she works with the team to take the company to the next level.

Financial Manager

Surangkana Tanoi

Surangkana joined DevDroneMapper team in 2018. As Sales Coordinator, Surangkana is responsible for fostering new relationships with the companies and individuals who interest in Drone service and Geo-Data Processing service. She has expertise in marketing and financial planning. Can analyze and calculate product value in drone services provider .If you call with a question about our products, you might just get to speak with her!

Mapping Engineer

Nuttawut Bunta

Nuttawut Bunta Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Geoinformatic, He interested in the mechanics of robots in a variety of ways, and has a passion for field work. and can apply various tools for data collection in the field. At first of the time, he flies freestyle to explore trick flying. But now he uses an application to control the Drone for flying grid Flight to for production Orthomosaic map , Digital surface model.

Geo-Spatial Data Engineer

Panithan Kumthonchaiphimol

Panithan Kumthonchaiphimol He has expertise in data analysis from satellite images, Very High Resolution Data From any Robots (Aerial Drone, Underwater Drone, Ground Weather Station ), Field data and spatial data By using Geographic Information System And have knowledge in managing Geo- spatial big data.


Poramut Laoprasertsom

Poramut Laoprasertsom joined in DevDroneMapper team in 2018 .After finding his passion, Poramut spent time to developing and deploying STEAM program to nurture youngsters to be aware of technology For the 21st century. He is a lifelong learner who continually seeks to expand his knowledge in both his professional and personal life.

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