provide novel solutions of aerial, water surface & ground surveying. Recently, Drone comes with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain and eyes. Drone images become more valuable with Data Science Technology. It is now possible to discover insight information from Drone images. Our experts build particular solutions: Precision Farming, Environmental Monitoring, Disaster Management, Smart City.

  • "Dev" is a development of novel technique.
  • "Drone" is a small & efficient robot to collect Data.
  • "Mapper" is an expert team who builds intelligence maps.

All together creates the new term named "Dev Drone Mapper".

Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (Con Cert Quality Management)

Flight School

The course is designed for scientist, researcher.

Drone for Sustainable Development(​Resource & Environment)

Together Drone & Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) can be used to develop an application for sustainable development.

Drone for Disaster Management

Drone can be used for real time monitoring and Disaster management such as Coastal disaster (Oil spill, Storm, Red tide). GCP (Ground Control Point), Image matching, Image orientation, Image mosaic.

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